Kick Out Any Unwanted Furry Visitors

Rely on us for rodent control in Sheridan, Pine Bluff & Little Rock, AR

Rats and other rodents are known for spreading disease. Larger animals like possums and skunks might attack if you approach them. Bowman Pest Control offers safe and efficient rodent removal services in Sheridan, Pine Bluff & Little Rock, AR. You can trust us to use rodent control methods that don't pose any threat to children or pets. We can answer any questions you have about our traps and removal methods.

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Types of equipment we use

We'll use professional equipment to aid in the rodent removal process. You can expect us to reliable tools like:


  • Tamper-resistant bait boxes
  • Glue traps
  • Traditional snap traps
  • T-Rex traps




If you need commercial rodent treatment, we can make sure your pests don't harm your inventory. Call us today at 870-370-5118 for expert assistance.